Are you tired of dealing with unwanted hair on a routine basis? Do you desire silky smooth skin?

Laser hair removal might be the perfect option for you.

The medical professionals at MyMenopauseRx Gynecology & Wellness PLLC utilize an 810nm Diode laser, the gold standard for laser hair removal for most skin types.

Our laser hair removal treatment is quick, comfortable and effective.


Why is the diode the gold standard?

Lasers target the melanin (pigment) in the hair follicle, which absorbs the energy to destroy the follicle. The greatest absorption of energy for melanin occurs at 810nm, which is what makes the 810nm diode laser the gold standard.

Who responds best to laser hair removal?

Individuals with dark, coarse hair follicles respond best to the laser. Fine, poorly pigmented follicles will respond poorly, if they respond at all. Individuals with blonde, white, red or grey hair will not respond. Fine vellus hair follicles also will not respond. Waxing, plucking or shaving is the best option for removing these types of follicles.

Most importantly, how you personally respond to laser hair therapy will determine the overall success of your treatments. We will always ask for your feedback to help us evaluate your individual response and tailor your treatment at each session.

DiolazeIs laser hair removal painful?

For some individuals, laser hair removal can be uncomfortable. Do not let fear come between you and the ease of laser hair removal. We will provide a topical numbing cream to those who have discomfort.

Will I need a touch-up treatment?

Maybe. Laser hair removal is considered permanent destruction of the hair follicle. Over time, our body can grow new follicles. Some women desire a touch-up session after they have completed their treatment.

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