This treatment has been a game changer for me. At first I hesitated - trying creams to moderate the dryness. But aside from being messy, I continued to experience pain with intercourse and my partner had an adverse reaction to the cream so I decided to try the MonaLisa.  We noticed a big difference after just the first treatment! After my fourth, I feel like I used to. My partner and I are so happy! Yes, I would  recommend this procedure to a friend.
Catherine, Age 52
This is the most amazing procedure ever! The dryness, irritation and sense of urgency with urination is all taken care of with this procedure. As “they” say….Just do it! It’s a life changer!
Lisa, Age 61
I have not had a UTI since having the Mona Lisa performed. I recommend this procedure to my friends.
Kathleen, Age 64
I have noted an improvement with my vaginal and urethral integrity since the MonaLisa treatments have commenced. I have less occurrence of urinary leakage currently when prior to inception of treatments to the point that on most days it does not occur at all. This is interesting as I have been using vaginal estrogen for years. I reinforce this with a variety of nutritious organic foods and regular exercise as well as dietary supplements for optimal health.
Kathy, Age 66
I didn’t realize the discomfort I was having and changing the function and quality of my life before this treatment. After this treatment, I feel more myself again.
Laura, Age 55
The process was a complete success for me. I had incontinence that was embarrassing to say the least. This procedure has eliminated the urgency and frequency. I no longer feel the need to wear a pad for the “just in case” situation.
Sheri, Age 64
Significant improvement in comfort level: less itching, less stress incontinence. Very glad I had this treatment.
Laura, Age 68
LIFE CHANGING! I didn’t realize how uncomfortable I was every single day until all of my symptoms cleared up. I thought it was part of menopause and I just had to get used to painful sex/urination, constant dryness and itching. I feel 15 years younger because I don’t have to deal with that anymore.
Danna, Age 51
I feel the clock has been reversed to my pre-menopausal days. I especially notice a decrease in the frequency/urgency of how often I have to urinate.  Thanks!
Pamela, Age 56
At the age of 37, as part of breast cancer treatment protocol, I underwent a full hysterectomy with shortly thereafter in pain with severe vaginal dryness and frequent urine dribbling and painful bladder infections. After my very first Mona Lisa treatment, I could tell the difference in the dryness and the urine issues. I am completely satisfied with the results of my treatment. Just avoiding painful and frequent bladder infections was reason enough to seek treatment, but to have improved sexual sensation and improved bladder control where I’m not dribbling, is such a bonus.
Jennifer, Age 40
I highly recommend the procedure for any post-menopausal women.  The treatment has drastically improved my symptoms. I no longer need any estrogen therapy and being a breast cancer survivor that is great. You won’t be disappointed!
Justine, Age 59
With the aging process I experienced vaginal dryness. I was prescribed Vagifem and Estrace cream yet the dryness prevailed. I was introduced to MonaLisa Touch and my symptoms have disappeared and I no longer use prescribed meds. Try it!
Maria, Age 69
I was having lots of problems with my aging so Dr Hanna recommended I try the MonaLisa touch procedure. It has done wonders for me and my tissue is in much better health. I will continue to have this treatment. I also think Dr Hanna is a wonderful female doctor!
Debbie, Age 64
The MonaLisa Touch procedure has released me from the fears of using drugs to prevent dryness in the vagina. It was basically a painless procedure. There was a burning sensation the first day and caring for the area with ointment for about a week after the procedure. But if this gets me off using pills, I am all for this alternative!
Kendra, Age 67
This solved all of my problems with UTI and I never have to worry about this again.
Heidi, Age 62

The MonaLisa Touch really made a difference in my and my husband’s sex life. It returned sensation and lubrication to a pre-menopausal level. If this were a procedure for men it would be covered by insurance!!!

Kate, Age 60

I feel like it was the best thing I’ve done. I’ve told friends and family.

Sharon, Age 72

You don’t realize how much you’ve lost until you ‘get it back’ again! The end results were better than I could have imagined.

Patricia, Age 55

This procedure has reduced the pain and dryness I was experiencing during intercourse. The procedure is painless and I did not experience any negative side effects. I would encourage women to have this procedure.

Ellen, Age 62

I am satisfied with my results and would recommend this procedure to a friend.

Lynn, Age 62

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