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I came to Dr. Hanna for my PRP hair restoration because she had earned my trust and had been knowledgeable about my other symptoms associated with menopause. Although I was still a bit skeptical, I was more fearful of eventually having no hair at all! I researched , and there was science to back up the claims of hair restoration. It was well worth the investment. I had three treatments, injected just into the areas I was experiencing loss...mainly along my hairline. By the second treatment, I did not notice a change in appearance but I was aware that there was less and less hair clogging my shower drain. Soon there was hardly any hair at all in my brush and shower! By the third treatment, there was a noticeable difference. Not only was I having some new growth, but my existing hair was in much better health. I am 2 weeks out from the third treatment and continue to see improvement. I plan to continue with intermittent treatments to keep my progress. I am so grateful to Dr. Hanna and her staff for guiding me through the process and making the procedure as pleasant as possible.

Sue S.

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Additional Testimonials

"I did the PRP treatment and find a lot of improvement. Though it has only been three months, I see a difference. Before I came to see Dr. Barbra Hanna, I started looking for wigs. I am so thankful I did this procedure. "

Angelica - 68

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